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Today, 21 August, Atrium wishes happy birthday to our friend Ani and our client Pieterjan Huijsse! Happiness and sweet surprises!

The price levels in Bulgaria are still lower than in many other countries, which determines the lower costs of life. Therefore many foreigners can afford luxurious standard here, which is difficult to reach in other countries.

One such luxury option is to have a pool in your own property and you will be surprised how cheap it is to build a pool in Bulgaria. The duration of the warm season makes this possibility attractive – you can use your pool from April to October. Of course, if you intend to rent your property, its potential will be much higher containing a pool.

Just make a decision and let us know - we will take care of all arrangements - from the moment you order us a pool, to the moment you use it for the first time.

We will organise the drawing of the plan, issuing of the building permission /when it is necessary/, co-ordinate the building works and the technical supply and arrange all other necessary issues.
If you are not here, we will send you pictures to see the progress of the assigned work.
For the future, we will organise the maintenance of the pool, including changing of chemicals and cleaning.

To give you an idea of pool prices, we present you some information. Keep on mind that each pool could be unique by its size, form, depth, building materials, tiles, lights, accessories and all pumping/filtration equipment. That’s why the examples are just for orientation – to present you the idea of “how much”.

For pools with solid concrete and ceramic tile construction, including all pumping and filtration equipment and dimensions:
7 x 4 meters - price 12000 – 14000 EUR depending on the form and the depth.
8 x 5 meters - price 19000 – 21000 EUR depending on the form and the depth.

There is a picture gallery below illustrating the variety of shapes, models and sizes – feel free to determine you personal requirements !

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