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Today, 3 September, Atrium congratulates our client Christopher Michael Arthur Hines /UK/ on his birthday! You are the star today!

An ancient legend tells that when God was creating the world he gave a little piece of Paradise to the Bulgarians, to reward them for their diligence…
A modern interpretation of this story clearly demonstrates that Bulgaria really is a paradise for foreign pensioners who wish to come and live here…


Bulgaria is a country with many traditional, natural and historical attractions. There are 4 distinct seasons which means that the Bulgarian coastal resorts can be enjoyed from the spring, through the summer and early autumn, the mountain resorts during the winter. Bulgaria is a beautiful country with an abundance of natural and historical places of interest, unspoilt countryside, mountains, rivers, lakes, curative mineral springs and health spa centres /Balneotherapy centres/.
Bulgaria is a healthy place to live in, with fresh organic food, clean air and a slower pace of life, with doctors and dentists with excellent qualifications. People are friendly, responsive, helpful and intelligent and speak many foreign languages.
The standard of living in Bulgaria is different from many other countries in Europe and other continents. Here “different” means “lower” or “cheaper”. Generally incomes here are not as high, therefore the prices of goods and services are low.

The Bulgarian lifestyle and the cheaper cost of living are very suitable for foreign pensioners from more expensive countries with higher costs and standards of living. People tend to have a very good standard of living as long as they are working, but when they retire on a pension, they may have to economise and watch their money, to rent another smaller home or home in a poorer condition or with worse location…
Relocation or buying a second home in Bulgaria to retire can be a good decision for pensioners. To give you an idea about the true cost of living we will use an example: A Bulgarian pension of one hundred EUR per month is a very very good pension, and a pension of two hundred EUR can be only a dream for about 75-85 % of all pensioners in Bulgaria.
The costs and standards of living in Bulgaria will change in the future based on the membership of the European Union, but it will take a long time for Bulgaria to catch up with the standards of some other European countries.
One Bulgarian proverb says: Better later, than never!
The procedure for relocation in Bulgaria is not complicated; we can assist you in all the steps and arrange the necessary formalities to discover your place here and to establish your Bulgarian retreat.

For further information and assistance, please do not hesitate to ask, just contact us.
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