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Today, 1 September, Atrium team congratulates all citizens of Slovakia on their Constitution Day!

During the communist period, up to 1990, we were state-employed lawyers, after the political changes in the same year and the changes in legislation, it was possible for us to open our own private legal practice, which we established in 1991. Some years later, in 1995 we formed the idea of combining real estate and legal work in one office. So was born the new name of our company – Atrium.

Our office in Varna operates in collaboration with our correspondent offices in other towns and in the capital Sofia. This practice allows us to deal with multiple issues within the required timeframes.

We provide a wide range of legal services and advice to Bulgarian and foreign clients in all major spheres of law, related to:

  • Real estate law: transactions, construction law mortgages and foreclosure, and use and zoning, landlord - tenant, neighbours etc.
  • Estate planning, guardianship, living wills, power of attorney, probate, trusts, wills
  • Commercial and company law
  • Foreign Exchange and Currency Regulations
  • Foreign Individuals – Residence Issues
  • Administrative Law
  • and Family Law

Usually our foreign clients need our assistance to solve real estate issues: preliminary contracts, notary deeds, tenants, issuing of building permissions and other building and property documents, co-ordination with the water and electricity companies, issuing of permissions to use /for new buildings/, the preparing and submitting of declarations to the state or municipality administrations, trust management, etc.

Our real estate practice complements the full range of legal assistance that we provide. We represent our clients in all matters in relation to freehold and leasehold property, including transactions and disputes involving commercial and residential property. Many real estate issues have been part of investment projects.

For our foreign clients we prepare all the necessary papers and complete all essential actions for establishing companies. To establish a Bulgarian company you need only your passport/s/ and sufficient funds, we do the rest. If you need some more information about the foundation of companies and the funds or costs involved, please see Buying process - Costs for the Company.

For foreign clients who wish to stay for a longer period in Bulgaria, we offer assistance in arranging their residence visas and deal with the regulatory issues.

For clients who buy property through ATRIUM, the legal service for the purchase is FREE including the preliminary contract, allpowers of attorney, notary deed and the declaring of the property.

Our approach to fees is flexible and transparent. Hourly fees are used internally for budgeting. However, we are accustomed using alternative fair and reasonable fee structures where appropriate and negotiating fees with clients in advance, because our aim is not to be rich for just one day, to stay honest be on the market for a long time.

In urgent situations you can call us on ++359 888-212-344 or ++359 887-374-285
Address: Bulgaria, Varna, 66 General Kolev Str.
E-mail: atrium@mail.bg
Tel./Fax: +359 52 612-400, 612-402, 607-656
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