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Today, 1 September, Atrium team congratulates all citizens of Slovakia on their Constitution Day!
Although some building companies offer new properties completed with furniture, most residential properties in Bulgaria are sold unfurnished. Usually buyers ascertain the fact that it is not easy to furnish a property abroad, not being aware of the domestic furniture market. It is even more difficult when your time in the country is limited. Let us help you with that !

By using our knowledge of local retailers, specialist shops and producers, we can:
Advise you where to order or buy all the equipment and furniture for your property.
Arrange a shopping tour for you to visit the appropriate furniture centres and organise delivery and fitting in your home.
Furnish and equip your property ready for use up to your budget and taste, on your behalf, even in your absence.

In contrast to other countries, most Bulgarian properties are offered for sale without a fitted kitchen, because kitchen equipment in Bulgaria is considered to be a part of the furniture. Thatís how the new owner has the choice to select price, design, materials, style and colours.

When clients assign us the task, we ensure the complete equipment, including the installation of a fitted kitchen with the necessary white goods such as washing machine, cooker, rings, aspirator, microwave and fridge. We also donít forget to deliver utilities like air conditioner, TV, stereo, DVD, sheets, pillows, blankets, coffee machine, toaster, iron, iron board, plates, glasses, cups, forks, spoons, knives, corkscrew and other kitchen imple-ments. All leading brands of electrical household goods are available in Bulgaria.

To arrange that we just need to know what your budget, your needs and demands are.

Bulgaria offers a wide range of reasonably priced, locally made, imported or bespoke furniture. A wide choice is available from traditional Bulgarian to contemporary Italian styles. We have researched the market and know the good suppliers and the right prices.

In case you have any concerns about quality, you should know that a lot of the furniture for sale in Britain and Western Europe is made here in Bulgaria. There is a picture gallery below with some examples of properties which have been furnished and equipped entirely by us.
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